Drew's Dezines X-Plane addons
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Who we are

Drew's Dezines is a privately-owned Australian business, formed in Adelaide South Australia in 2017, our founder and chief engineer, Drew Dale saw a need for an independent development house for low-cost, realistic and highly functional flight simator models.

What we do

We specialise in developing addon aircraft for use in the hightly successful and , ultimately realistic X-Plane flight Simulator platform. After experimenting, with FSX primarily, We found that X-Plane offered the best, most stable platform, with the most realistic flight model available.  Choosing to develop for the X-Plane  platform really was a no-brainer.

Why we do it

The cynics out there would say "for the money" and in part, they are right.  We do hours of research and many more hours of development and testing before a new product is launched.  This business was started because of a love of aviation and the chance to offer a virtual flight experience to others.  We have given consideration to offering our products as freeware but to be honest, the skills, knowledge and creativity that has been invested in each and every model we produce is worthy of reward. Nevertheless, our policy is to offer these aircraft at the lowest price point possible.


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