Spaceships for X-Plane

Skyhawk A-7

Why Spaceships?

Just for fun, we like to go a bit 'left field' and explore the world of flight beyond the limits of our atmosphere.  None of these 'spaceships' will actually take you into virtual space but you can fly them to the very edge and see Earth in all her virtual glory!


The Assassin is a sci-fi single pilot fighter with four rockets for propulsion and multiple options in armaments.  This speed merchant will be available for both X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11.

Skyhawk A-7

Like the Assassin, the Skyhawk is an Inter-stellar fighter, with two pilots and space for two passengers/technicians.  The Skyhawk is also designed for flight in a gravitational atmosphere and carries a low-bypass jet engine and two rockets.